Anthony Green

The purpose of the RLHS web site is to provide information on our activities and forthcoming events. It also links to our database and maps of historical sites.

I have a Redditch history Facebook page which I run. It is used for requests for information/support related to future events and I have now started to use it for a overview of our most recent meeting.

I have a Twitter account ( page right) which I use for the Society to allow for simple news updates between the RLHS meetings. I have put a live feed on the News page of the RLHS site.

We formed the Redditch Local History Society in December 2009. We set up with the aim to  encourage, interest and promote the preservation of the towns historic sites and artefacts. At the 2013 Annual General Meeting I changed my role from Chair of the Society to that of Secretary. I am responsible for the web presence of the Society.