Anthony Green

History of Redditch is a site which I set up to give an introduction to the various aspects of the History of Redditch using ‘Flash’ presentations and to other information related to the history of Redditch. I am steadily expanding the information on this site. The site location is History of Redditch.

Redditch Walks is a site where my aim is to create walks related to Redditch history and existing historical artefacts and buildings and encourage people to explore the area. On the site there is a range of walks in the Redditch area which I am slowly extending. Site location is Redditch Walks.

Alcad History explores the time when Redditch was unique in having, at one time, two manufacturers of nickel cadmium industrial batteries at two different sites in the town. The Alcad History website covers the period during which these specialist batteries were produced and Alcad was the second largest manufacturer in the world.

I have a Twiiter account  (page right) in the name of Explore Redditch to cover my three Explore Redditch websites and allow updates and general information concerning activities in the town. I have put a live feed on the Home page of the Explore Redditch web sites.

Facebook Account I have set up Facebook page for Explore Redditch for my Explore Redditch Websites, History of Redditch, Redditch Walks and Alcad history. These are all linked to the Explore Redditch Twitter account.